• Check Destinyfor additional materials.
  • Encyclopedias under the windows



  • Once you locate an article on your topic, you may want to try reading level 3 to find additional information.
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You may want to limit your search results by selecting the following types of sources on the left side of your results page:
  • Reference - This is usually a good place to start. It limits your results to sources such as books, biographies, maps, and encyclopedia articles.
  • Images
  • Websites - Read the short summaries to determine which are relevant to your assignment



Search Destiny for possible websites:

You will need to log onto Destiny in order to search for websites. Your username and password are the same as those you use to log onto the school computers. Once you are logged on, search as you normally would and then click the websites tab to see the search results.

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Also try these websites:

American Kennel Club

Star.PNGAnimal Diversity Web
Thousands of articles about individual species

Animal Planet

Multimedia guide to the world's endangered species

Canadian Geographic
Use the search tool on this page to see if your animal can be found on this website

Cat Fanciers' Association

Defenders of Wildlife Field Guides
Wildlife information about nearly 6,000 individual species

Kids' Planet ESPECIES Fact Sheets

National Aviary: Our Birds
An alphabetical listing of birds featured at the National Aviary

National Geographic

National Geographic Kids: Animals
Select an animal to learn more

National Wildlife Federation - Wildlife Library
Information about wildlife and the threats that are endangering many of them

Star.PNGPennsylvania Game Commission: Wildlife Notes
Be patient. It may take awhile for this to load.

Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium: Animals & Exhibits
Basic facts about the more than 400 species living at the zoo & aquarium

Star.PNGSea World: Animal Information
Includes Animal InfoBooks (In-depth information), Animal Bytes (Quick information and fun facts) & more

Star.PNGSmithsonian National Museum of Natural History: North American Mammals
Includes detailed descriptions & images for more than 400 mammals native to North American

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Species Report
Search for information about a threatened or endangered species

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